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Adeka Ultra Seal P-201 Container size:

3.17 gal (12 liter) pail - 320 ml cartridge

Viscosity of Adeka Ultra Seal : P-201 = 15,000 cps ; Viscosity at 25 degrees C ; Type E 5rpm ; 150 PaS;1PaS=100mPaS=100cps 

Apply through pump at approximately 50 psi (3.5 BAR).

Apply at above 40 deg. ambient and material temperature.

Clean interlock thoroughly with wire brush. Blow out with compressed air.

One gallon of P-201 will cover approximately 90 feet of interlock.

Approximately 650 lineal feet can be treated in one eight hour shift. 

Inspect interlock after treatment and use brush to touch up manually if necessary.

Clean equipment with MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) or methylene chloride (check and use manufacturers precautions when handling this solvent). 

Allow 2 days for complete polymerization. 

Piles are best stored with treated interlock in an inverted position. Keep dry during storage and transporation. 

Drive with untreated interlock leading.

Driving must be complete within 2 hours once pile is in water (ground water). 

Piles can be driven with impact hammer or vibratory drivers. Interlocks temperature should not exceed 270 degrees F. during driving process. 

Panel driving can be accomplished if the ground water level is low and piles can be staggered. Once in ground water, they must reach final level within 2 hours. 

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