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 Concrete Coverage

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Pre-formed rubber strip with stainless steel mesh. Size, 20mm X 10mm, (Approximately 3/4" X 3/8"). Used to replace conventional PVC waterstops in construction joints and control joints. Packaged in 82 feet per case.


Pre-formed rubber strip with adhesive back.Size, 20mm X 5mm, (Approximately 3/4" X 1/4"). Typically used in piping penetrations, H-pile waterstops, and cold/construction joint applications. Packaged in 330 feet per case.


Paste type in 11 oz. cartridges. Used in many different applications such as piping penetrations, sheetpile interlocks, rough surfaces, crack repair, etc. One of the most versatile Adeka products.


Pre-formed rubber strip . Size,30mm X 30mm, (Approximately 1.2" X 1.2"). Used in expansion joints.Stainless steel wire mesh to control and focus expansion. Three timesexpansion by volume.


Pre-formed rubber strip . Size,15mm X 10mm. Used in areas where concrete coverage in minimal. See datasheet for conditions of use.

KM String

Pre-formed string. Size, 4mm ~ 40mm, (Approximately 0.2" ~ 1.6"). Used to waterproof sheetpiles, cracks where running water is present. String size should be 1.2 times the width of the gap. Packaged according to size of string.


Pourable two componentwaterstop (15:1 ratio) for sheetpile interlocks. One set equals 4 gallons.