(water swelling)


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GENERAL USE - Cast-in-place non-moving joints.

REQUIREMENT - Minimum of 4" of 4300+ psi concrete on both sides of the waterstop (minimum 9" wall /slab). Place in the center between two rows of rebar. Wall height must be a minimum of 6.5 feet. This product will withstand a high hydrostatic head. OVER 700 FOOT HEAD IN LABORATORY TESTS.

Click on "installation instructions" for general installation information (pdf file).


GENERAL USE: Cast-in-place joints with less than 50 foot hydrostatic head and less than 24" thick walls or slabs.

Follow same installment criteria as MC-2010MN. Click on "Ideal Installation Instructions" for more info (pdf file). Check data sheet for detailed information.


GENERAL USE - Cast-in-place non-moving joints (less than 20' hydrostatic head).

Can be placed outside of rebar to protect rebar from moisture. Requires a minimum of 1.0" of 4300+ psi concrete coverage. Because of unknown concrete conditions we recommend 1.5" ~ 2.0" if possible. Excellent for 6" ~ 8" walls/slabs with single row of rebar or pins. Click on "Data Sheet" to view more detailed information.



Overlap (joint Segments)

Rough Concrete with P-201

Strip product with Adeka P-201 at corner joints