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 Sheet Pile Applications

Basic conditions:

1. Interlocks must be clean, dry and free from any oil or debris.

2. Sheet piles must be level.

3. Tape or plug ends of interlocks.

A-30 is poured directly into the sheetpile interlock and allowed to cure. The thickness of A-30 depends on the type of sheet pile interlock. The variation between sheet pile is significant. The coverage per gallon can vary from 60 feet per gallon to 200 feet per gallon. Call 800-999-3959 or your local Adeka Representative for correct amounts of A-30.

Pour A-30 into the interlock. The depth of A-30 must be consistent the entire length of the interlock

The sheet pile must remain level until A-30 has cured so that the material will cure in a uniform thickness along the length of the interlock.

Protect the sheet pile from any moisture prior to driving the pile.

Once the driving process has started, the pile must be driven to its final depth within 2 hours.