(water swelling)


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* Long history - used since 1976 - USA market since 1990

* Different products designed to expand to different limits at different rates.

* Choice of product type determined by application.

* Contact with moisture will induce expansion in three dimensions and in the direction of least resistance.

* Material will expand within the limits of its expansion to fill voids caused by joint movement, concrete shrinkage, etc.

* Environmentally safe.

* Exceptional degree of durability (see durability tests).

* Performs in wide temperature range up to 140 degrees F. intermittent. (Check with your local technical representative, or call 866.457.5710, when using in temperatures above 120 degrees F.)

* Not easily affected by aggressive substances found in ground water, sewer water, concrete water, etc.

* DOES NOT contain bentonite.

* Easy application.

* Cost effective when compared to PVC waterstop